I think I need to start an series called “Did You Know?” For example…. Did you know that you can send your expired coupon inserts to companies that will send them to military bases overseas. Our brave men and women serving outside the US can use those expired coupons for up to 6 months AFTER they expire at the commissary! How cool is that!! This does only apply to overseas bases. So once you are done with your inserts, DON’T throw them away!! 

Here are a few links to services I found who are ready and willing to process your inserts for our troops! Take a few minutes and CLICK on the links below to find a service that works best for you. 



Coupon Cabin

That should keep y’all busy for a bit! 

THANK YOU to all our military families for your service and sacrifice for our country! Here’s hoping we can help ease your burden a little with a few more coupon donations. Love you all!!