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Super Saver Couponing Webinar – Class Review

Thank you so much for joining me for my Super Saver Couponing Webinar! I hope you had a great time and took lots of good notes. If you were too busy having fun and taking it all in that’s OK! Here is a quick review of what we discussed.


Remember that this should not be a part-time job!! The tips and tools that were shared at your webinar should have you prepped & in and out of the grocery store in 3-4 hours a week!


Remember the scenario with the cereal box? If you use a coupon on a full priced item you will not see the huge margin of savings that we want. So WAIT and only use your coupons on SALE items!

You also do NOT need to chase down deals at every single store in your area. The sales cycle through all the stores, so choose one grocery and one drug store to shop every week.

PLEASE make sure you check your grocery store’s coupon policy and follow their rules! Don’t try to work around the system! That’s why we see policies change when people start getting CrAzY!


When you subscribe to multiple newspaper subscriptions you will have multiple coupon inserts each week. You will use the identical inserts to buy identical products at the grocery store.
Remember the Finish dish detergent example? 5 boxes of dish detergent purchased with 5 coupons (one coupon per item) only cost $2.49 by combining sales and coupons! That is way cheaper than buying one item at a “big box” store, right?
Pro Tip: Use your coupons on smallest packages allowed by the coupons. 


Stop wasting your time filing coupons! Simply take your inserts and write the Sunday date that you received them on the front of the insert. If you let a few weeks stack up, don’t worry. The date you need to reference is on the spine of the insert – it’s super tiny so get your magnifying glass out.LEAVE THEM WHOLE! Put them in your file box and WAIT for the sale!! That’s it!


It will take some time before you have a good stockpile of all the items your family uses. That’s ok! It’s not a race! Look for those few low priced items each week – called “loss leaders” in some industries. These are items the store puts on sale at a super low price knowing they will not be making a ton of money on them, but they are counting on you buying additional items. Don’t be fooled!!
Remember the spaghetti example? When the pasta was on sale, the sauce was NOT! Don’t pay full price for sauce, simply wait for that big spaghetti dinner until after sauce goes on sale a few weeks later. 

BE PATIENT! Also, try meal planning a little backwards. Look for the meat and produce that are on sale each week, buy those items, then come home and look for ways to use it! It’ll be such a fun game! I love to use allrecipes.com to find great recipes to use up the food I have on hand.


After a few months of stocking up on just a few key items each week, you will begin to notice that the list you used to have on the fridge of everything you needed suddenly is empty! Why? Because you purchased items when they were on sale instead of when you were out of them. 
Having a few months worth of items that your family uses is such a blessing! You may not realize how big of an impact that has on your life until there comes a moment when you need to rely on your stockpile to sustain your family. It’s like car insurance. You have it and don’t think much about it until you get in a wreck and then you cannot imagine not having it! Same concept here.


What if there was someone in your area who was already sharing local deal that you could just copy?! I keep a list of LOCAL resources on my website for you to access when you need some inspiration from people in YOUR area!! If you want to copy what they are doing for a little while until you get the feel of everything… go right ahead!!

{Let me know if you find any more people sharing their local deals! It is really important that you find LOCALS doing the legwork for you. If you follow a national site it is likely that their deals aren’t 100% applicable in your area & that can be SUPER frustrating}

If you missed the video at the beginning of the session… click below for a quick look at my time on TLC’s Extreme Couponing All-Stars and get excited about the impact you can make in your home as well as your communities as you start using coupons from your Sunday newspaper!!!

As a BIG thank you for attending the webinar, I am giving you a copy of my Ultimate Budget Planning Kit!! This a $50 value, you guys! I put a lot of time and effort into this program to make it easy for you to get control of your finances! Because this is a gift to YOU, please don’t share these files with others. Thanks! Click both buttons below so you get the instructions as well.

It is my pleasure to help you with all your savings needs! Follow me on social media (links below) for more fun ways to save! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

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