I am ready to admit something HUGE…… are you ready for this??

I am a HUGE NERD! AND I am crazy about holidays and fun traditions.

Put those two facts together and it is a dangerous combination! One holiday that is a family favorite at the Morris house is Star Wars day! No, this isn’t the day Star Wars arrived on the big screen… Star Wars Day is May 4th…. as in “May the “Fourth” be with you”!! Isn’t that great!?

A few years ago my oldest daughter had an orchestra concert on May 4th and I was admittedly a LOT upset about it. So that year we ended up celebrating on the 5th of May. No Cinco de Mayo for this family, no siree. We turned it into Revenge of the Fifth! See?? NERDS!

I have tried to collect ALL the Star Wars themed ideas for you in one neat package. If you see a link to a food idea, I have sent you to the source where I found it. Also, to give you some idea that I am not the only crazy one who does these kinds of parties! Haha!

I decided I would put together a little kit full of the food labels that you would need to throw a fantastic party, just in case there is anyone out there just as crazy as I am.

Are you ready to plan the best and easiest Star Wars party!?! Here we go!!


Food is my love language, so naturally we will start with menu planning. Some of these are pretty obvious, some are very simple to throw together quickly, and some items will need a little more time and attention but have the potential to be show stoppers.  What makes the BIG difference is how you present them. Here I the full list of tags that I have created with this kit, and some suggestions of what to serve to go with them.

To start… you need this image for your table.

FOOD TAGS (with ideas… listed alphabetically)

7 Leia Dip – Seven Layer Dip

BB8 Fruit PL-8 – Simply fill a plate of fruit, or if you are really ambitious, use a nice round cantaloupe and carve a hole on the side and it to make it look like the death star

Boba FettucciniFettuccini Alfredo

Boba Fett Trackers – You can use anything round. We have used cuties, pizza poppers, cheese balls, or just rolls

Bow Tie-lo Ren Pasta – Put together a hot or cold bow tie pasta dish

C3P Oreos – You can put out a plate of cookies or take it to the next level like these ones!

C3P Yolks – Deviled Eggs

Carbonite Jell-O – This one is always a hit! We have a specific Han Solo action figure that is cleaned and saved every year to be placed in a rectangle pan of Jell-o!

Chip Bacca – Pick your favorite chips

Darth Maul-ffles – Waffles. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? Or just start the festivities in the morning, why not!?

Ewoks – Teddy Grahams in a jar; Ewok granola bars

Fruit Sabers – You could just put fruit on a bamboo skewer, or you could take it to the next level and do red or Green grapes on a bamboo skewer with blackberries as the handle

Hans Burgers – Ham burgers with a little name change

Hans Rolos – Crack open a bag of Rolos and you are good to go.

Hoth Chocolate – If it is still chilly in your neck of the woods, keep your hot chocolate bar stocked, but just change the name.

Hoth Dogs – BBQ anyone? Hoth Dogs, Jabba the Hutt Dogs or Jar Jar Links can all be used to serve your favorite hot dog snack. I guess it just depends on your favorite SW character.

Jabba the Humus – Hummus served with your Vader Veggies is always a good idea.

Jabba the Hutt Dogs – (see Hoth Dogs)

Jar Jar Links – (see Hoth Dogs) Or mix it up and serve cocktail sausages; Mini sausages wrapped in crescent rolls (pigs in a blanket); or hot dog bites cooked in corn bread in a mini muffin tin.

Jedi Juice – Tear the label off your kids’ favorite juice boxes and stick this little tag on it instead.

Leia’s Buns – Cinnamon rolls of course!

Luke Skywalking Tacos – If your family has never served walking tacos you are missing out on one of life’s best gifts!

Luke Skywater – Seriously you guys… this does not have to be hard. Serve ice cold water to your guests or family and it’s automatically more fun with a cute tag.

Maz ‘N CheeseMacaroni and cheese is always a kid favorite.

Millennium Falcorn – Pop a big bucket of popcorn, or if you are preparing an actual meal use this label to serve corn on the cob, or creamed corn or something else equally corny.

Obi Wontons – Whether you make them yourself or thrown them from the freezer to the oven, you win with wontons.

Padawan Pasta Salad – You could seriously get carb crazy with all the pasta-bilities with this one.

Padme Pizza – If you choose to label your pizza for Padme, then you must make sure to decorate it with all the bells and whistles. She is not a plain cheese kind of lady after all.

Porg Potatoes – Fix a potato dish. If you want to get a little cray cray… cook and carve your potatoes to look like the cute little creatures from the movie.

Pretzel Sabers – You’ve seen a tub of pretzel rods at your favorite grocery store, right? Dip them in some melted colored candy and you have sabers! Make teams and see who can eat theirs the quickest.

Princess Lays – Is there a coupon for Lays potato chips? Cause that is all you need here!

Qui-Gon Jinn-Ger Bread Cookies – You can buy some or make them, but man wouldn’t it be cool if your Jinn-ger bread cookies were made to look like Chewbacca too??

Rey’s Parfait – Yogurt parfait anyone?

Saber Sickles – Popsicles with a new name

Saber Snacks – Literally anything long and skinny that could pass as a saber: carrots, celery, pretzels

Sarlacc Bundt of Doom – You HAVE to check out this cake! This is crazy cool! Here is another cake that may be a teenie bit easier to pull together. Both are simply spectacular!

Sith Sticks – Pixie Sticks; Pretzel sticks

Storm Trooper Scoopers – Tostito scoops

Thermal Detonators – Cake pops; cuties or tangerines; Whoppers; Cheese Ball puffs; Gumballs; Basically anything round will work. OR serve this as a nice hot salsa to go with your Storm Trooper Scoopers!

Tie FightersCheese and Crackers; Cookies and mini marshmallows

Twizzlers in a Jar Jar – That’s it. Stick Twizzlers in a jar. For real. This does not need to be hard.

Vader Taters – Tater tots; Mashed potatoes; French fries

Vader Veggies – Veggie tray; Grilled Veggies; Veggies & Dip

Vader-ade – Gatorade

Wookie Cookies – Make your favorite cookies (just make sure they are ‘Chewy’….. get it?)

Yoda Soda – Sprite with the label removed; A frothy green punch

(Next time I will remember to take pictures BEFORE everyone starts eating!)

The STAR WARS Kit will include a 5×7 tent card each of the above mentioned items. You will receive these in jpeg form and on one PDF so you can print it any way you would like. If you do not want to use them as tent cards, you can just cut off the top portion of the tag and use it as a label. Easy peasy.

I don’t have a tag made for these guys, but I found an AWESOME Han Solo Silicone mold!!

Alrighty… Let’s talk really quick about DECORATIONS and ACTIVITIES!

One of the best and quickest (and cheapest) activities I have ever done is to make light sabers for all the kids who came to the house. All you need is a handful of pool noodles and some duct tape and you have yourself a bunch of happy kiddos. I am going to link you to a quick Pinterest search so you can see some ideas of how to decorate them. If you have small kids you can get away with cutting the noodle in thirds. Bigger kids will need a little more distance between them when fighting so a noodle in half will do just fine.

Storm Trooper helmet made out of a MILK jug!! Super cute!! Not really something you can throw together last minute, but with a little preparation and a LOT of recycling your kiddos will just love it!

MONEY SAVING TIP: Don’t forget to stock up on paper goods after every holiday when most of those items are 50% or 75% off the regular price. Stock up on solid colored items. For example, after Halloween or New Years, or Graduation season, you can snag a lot of black decorating items and use them for Star Wars Day. Grab red and green melting candies for your light sabers after Christmas. See? Stock up and SAVE!!

Who is excited?!? Do you have any other ideas?? I would LOVE to add to this list. Do you celebrate Star Wars day?? I would love to see pictures of your spread.


Have a great Star Wars Day and “May the forks be with you!” 😉