Saving Tracker



(If you do not have excel, you can always upload this file into Google Sheets. It will work just fine there too)


Do you want to REALLY know how much you are saving while shopping at the grocery store? I am sharing my quick Saving Tracker with you so you can easily track your savings! Haha… see what I did there? Super clever title, right?  

Using this spreadsheet, you will input information from your grocery receipts and watch your monthly and annual savings grow while using couponing!! You can use these savings to pull money towards a specific goal or just to help with your day-to-day budget. Either way, sometimes it is just fun to have a snapshot of your expenses. Or maybe I’m the only one that loves a spreadsheet soooooo much! 

This file includes one excel workbook with monthly savings trackers that filter into an annual report. 



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