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When you download this tool, you get to make whatever changes you want! This is meant to be a starting point and will not be specific to one area of the country. You can remove items you won’t purchase, update the “Regular Price” if is cheaper in your area, or any other changes that will make shopping a little easier for you. Think guideline. 🙂 

(If you do not have excel, you can always upload this file into Google Sheets. It will work just fine there too)


If you have ever wondered if a sale at the grocery store is really a “sale” or just a ploy to get you in the store, this product is for you!! 

This spreadsheet lists all the types of products in the grocery store from air fresheners down to Ziploc bags. The for each of those items there is a column for the regular price price, a BUY price (that is 50% off the regular price) and then a Holy Smokes – you’d better not miss this – Stock Up price! This way you can outsmart the grocery stores! 

This ALSO gives you the power to shop any store you want! Sometimes we see “fancy” grocery stores that say there is a sale, but it is not really a good deal. THIS will help you make that decision for yourself!

Remember, you want to make sure you are buying enough of a product at the “Stock Up” price to last about 3 months. That is about how long it will take for that type of product to be that price again. 


Not only will this help you determine if the price is right to stock up, you can ALSO use this tool to create your SHOPPING LIST!! You put in the advertised sale price, the coupon value found in your Sunday paper, and this sheet will calculate your out of pocket price for you!! THEN… you can sort this list by only the items you will pay for and VOILA! You have your shopping list that will help you stay on budget!!

TIP – – – > If your out of pocket goes over your weekly budget for groceries, decide at home to take things off your list so you are not surprised at the cash register! 

Let me know if I missed anything. I’m happy to add and update this file as needed!

1 review for Price Point SHOPPING List

  1. James Copeland (verified owner)

    When I try to delete the items I don’t use, the sheet ask for a password to unprotect the sheet. How do I delete items?

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