Deal Maker – Rolling Transaction Worksheet



Have you ever earned a money back reward at the cash register and were so thrilled but you did not know how to make the best of that extra cash?? This Deal Maker Worksheet is your answer!! 

Rolling transactions is a couponers biggest friend. Basically, you take cash back or rewards earned from one transaction and turn around and roll it into the next transaction. If you have a nice enough cashier, you can process a few transactions in one trip at the store. 

This worksheet will not only help you organize your transactions before you enter the store, BUT will also help you work out the best deals!! You can move products around until you end up with the least amount of money out of pocket!! SWEET, right!?! 


One Excel workbook with two tabs; one with instructions on how to use the workbook and the deal maker sheet itself. 

If you do not have Excel, this workbook will also work in Google Sheets. The deals will automatically calculate for you when you enter in the items you want to purchase! It’s so easy!! 


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