Babysitting Co-Op Kit

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You will receive 2 Excel files and 1 Word Document. 

Babysitting Co-Op Bylaws – pre-written bylaws that you can use to get started, but please feel free to adjust them to meet the needs of your group

Member Information Sheets – A separate file to collect all the pertinent information for each family in your group. 

Secretary Log – This log is set up like a really cool checkbook. All you need to do is enter in each Mamma’s name in the roster and then using the provided Hours Worksheet, give hours to the mamma who watched the kids and take hours from the mamma who got a little free time that day. All the other calculations will be done for you! This sheet is just lovely 🙂

All you need to do is download the files, gather a group of friends, and enjoy a little freedom without breaking the bank! 

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If you have never heard of a Babysitting Co-Op, you are missing out!! This is basically a fun way to keep everyone accountable while you are swapping babysitting duties with a bunch of your friends. Basically, you and your friends will be paid in “hours” so no money changes hand. Think about it… you don’t always have to swap with the same mamma… your kids think they get tons of fun play dates… you get some time alone to grocery shop or go on a date! Win. Win. WIN!

This Babysitting Co-Op Kit gives you all the tools you need to set up a great babysitting system with your group of friends. I mean, who doesn’t want FREE babysitting!?! 



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