New & Improved

If you have been to one of my classes, you would have received a copy of the Free Price is Right tool. This magic list helps you to know when it is that ideal time to stock up on sales (and of course use your coupons) to get the most bang for your buck at the grocery store. Well….. It was high time for a little face lift, so here it is… NEW and IMPROVED!!!

The NEW Price Point Shopping list now COMBINES the information from the Price is Right list with an INTERACTIVE shopping list!! Whoooooo hoooooo!!!
YOU NEED TO check out the new changes!! WAY more interactive!
As always… the price listed in the “Regular Price” column is just a generalized price. Think “national average”. This column WAS the “Just OK sales Price” column. Now, I want you to use this column to put in the regular price of the item in YOUR area if it is different than this price. When you change the price in that column, the HALF off price and the Holy Smokes price will automatically calculate for you!! I’m super excited about this because this will then become 100% YOUR baby with YOUR customized information!!
Here is the really cool new bits…

After the category column (that will help you navigate the store quickly) you can actually compile your shopping list! Put in your advertised sale price, the value of the coupon you found in the Coupon Database, put in the number of coupons you have from your multiple Sunday newspapers, and enter the quantity you will be purchasing in column A. Then wait for the drumroll…. and this sheet will then magically calculate your out of pocket price AND the cost per item so you can then see where that final price sits in the sale scale. How slick is that!?!? I know I just totally rambled through that last bit but I am really excited about how this turned out!!

There are a few more tips and tricks in the “Instructions” tab, so make sure you check that out before you get started.

This cool spreadsheet will always be free for you to use and download from my Saving Shop, but just in case you haven’t popped over there in a while, feel free to click the button below and download your copy RIGHT NOW!!
NEW – FREE Price Point Shopping List – CLICK to Download!
Before I go… I have to tell you that this expansion idea for this file came from one of my glorious class attendees who wanted to see these changes!! Everybody say thank you to Jennifer!! If you find in your life that you need a little extra help somewhere, please let me know!! Or if you have suggestions for improvements in one of my digital kits, please let me know!! We are all in this together!

Make sure you have my email in your contacts so these newsletters don’t fall in your spam/junk folder :). I have some more fun things to share with you next week!! I hope you are ready to start the new year off with a bang!!