I am about to do something absolutely crazy bananas…

I have been struggling to think of a way to pitch in and do my part to help during this crazy pandemic. My girls and I made over 100 masks for hospital workers and people who now need them to go back to work. That was a blast and we may keep that going, but it doesn’t feel like enough….

Then someone I admire a TON, and a fellow frugal mamma, Jordan Page at Fun, Cheap or Free, did something amazing and decided to offer all her programs for FREE for the month of MAY!! WHAT!?! That’s crazy!
So my surprise for you is two fold…

#1 – You can go to her site and download her Budget Boot Camp program AND Productivity Boot Camp programs for FREE for the month of May!!
I know what you are thinking… but Jen, YOU have a Budget Kit too (that is of course, super cool). Yep. And I’m betting they are a little different. Which is FINE! Because my program may work awesome for some of you, but her program may work better for others. So if you like her program better, sweet! My goal is to help save you money. If I can help point you in a direction that ultimately helps YOU, I’m thrilled! Click below to snag her goodies.

Fun, Cheap, or Free – FREE PROGRAMS

#2 – That FREE in May thing sounded pretty rad to me, sooooo I’m going to jump on that cool train!! ALL (yes… ALL) my products are FREE in my Saving Shop for the month of May!! If there was something you had your eye on, go snag it right now!!

It is my hope that you will find one or two resources that you can use to help ease the financial burden that has been placed on all of us right now. We can make it through if we work together and use all the tools at our fingertips!

THE ULTIMATE BUDGET PLANNING KIT – This kit is FULL of goodies that all work together to help you organize your monthly expenses!

In The Ultimate Budget Planning Kit you will receive…..
• A Monthly Budget Overview
• A Checkbook register (sort of) on steroids
• A way to calculate your non-monthly expenses
• Debt Reality & Snowball Payment Worksheet
• Budgeting by %
• Goal Setting worksheet AND a way to easily add your goals into your monthly budget
• Annual Savings Plan
• Payment Tracker
• and my favorite…. Paycheck Budgeting System!

BABYSITTING CO-OP KIT – If you need to go back to work but need to arrange child care without paying through the roof, gather your village and set up a babysitting swap program! You will pay each other in hours instead of cash. This program will help everyone be accountable and won’t cost a THING!

FREEZER MEAL GROUP KIT – I’m sure you know what a huge time and money saver freezer meals are, and if you haven’t discovered this little nugget, what are you waiting for!?! This kit will help you get some friends together, you all make multiple of the same meal (which is way cheaper than buying ingredients for several meals). Then you all get together – at a safe distance – and SWAP! BUT, some meals cost more than others, right!? This spreadsheet will help your group make sure the costs are equal for everyone!!

DEAL MAKER (ROLLING TRANSACTION SHEET) – If you want to get crazy organized at the grocery or drug store by rolling transactions, this will be your best friend! You can move things around to figure out the best deals and get the most bang for your buck!

AND MORE… at my Live Life on Less – SAVING SHOP!

Those are a quick looks at some of the fun tools I have for you to download in my shop… right now… for FREE!!!

I wish you all the best during this crazy time! If you have any questions, let me know! I’m here to help!