Happy Amazon Prime Day!!
Some say this day is BIGGER than Black Friday!! It’s Amazon PRIME Day !! Amazon is offering a TON of deals for the next two days for Prime members (July 16th and 17th). Think of this as Christmas in July!

Start filling your cart full of the things you have had your eye on and then watch for the next few days and see it hits a big sale!! Remember in my class how we talked about shopping PROACTIVELY?? This is a great example!! Do you have birthdays coming up? Weddings? Graduation parties? Christmas (it’s never too early)? Why not scoop up the deals NOW and save them for LATER!

Here are some great tips on how to make the most out of the next few days….

If you are going to do ANY sort of shopping online, you need to go through Rakuten (used to be Ebates). Just by clicking on their site first you will earn extra cash back on your online purchases. That’s FREE money for something you are doing anyway!
I installed the browser thingy (I don’t know what it’s called really), but anytime I’m on a site that offers deals I get a neat little pop up that allows me to choose if I want to earn a few extra bucks…. Uhhhhh… HECK YEAH! Every. Single. Time.

So before we go ANY further… make sure you sign up for that FIRST!!
Click on the link above… or the picture… and you will get $10 in your Rakuten account after you shop today on Amazon!!

What did I tell you… FREE MONEY!!

#1 – GET AMAZON PRIME !! Not only will you get fast and FREE delivery on your purchases, you will also have access to Prime Video for TV shows & movies. You also get exclusive deals set aside just for Prime members. AND… Unlimited access to millions of songs through Prime Music .

#2 – Get updates on your Amazon app to notify you of items you may be watching or for when great deals pop up.

#3 – SHOP today and tomorrow!!

Here are the pro tips for getting the most out of Amazon Prime Day!!

Share your Prime –
You can set up a household now so you and another adult and up to 4 children can share apps, audio books, ebooks, and free shipping privileges! Don’t worry… there are settings for the kids so they don’t go on a major shopping spree without your permission :). Or am I the only one who has to worry about that (haha)?

Watch the Deals –
When you find items that catch your eye, click on “Watch this deal” and if your notifications are set up properly, you don’t have to sit at your computer for the next 48 hours with your eyes glued to the screen waiting for your Fire Stick to hit that sale!

Watch for Prime Day Launches and Special Deals –
You will want to check out the group of special items that have been set aside JUST for Prime members! AND… you’ll get a sneak peek at other deals as well. Also… keep an eye out for items marked as “Prime Day Deals” for even MORE savings!! (AHHHHH – I can’t stand all this excitement and savings!!)


For my SUPER SAVERS!! Here are a few ways to save even MORE so you can get Amazon Prime for up to HALF OFF!!

New Amazon App users will receive a $10 Amazon credit when you sign up AND another $10 Amazon credit after your first purchase!

Get Amazon Assistant on your desktop to receive notifications on deals you are watching. Just for doing that… you will receive $10 off your order of $50 or more!

Want help sticking to an Amazon budget?? Or are you planning a big purchase over the next few days?? Get an Amazon Gift Card and load $100 on there and Amazon will sweeten the deal and give you another $10 !! Listen… if you are going to spend the $100 anyway, why not squeeze a coupon out of the deal as well??

And for all my “I don’t use coupons because they are never for anything I actually want to eat” people out there (you know who you are and I still love you to death)… If you shop at Whole Foods over the next few days, you will receive ANOTHER $10 from Amazon!!

YOU GUYS… If you take advantage of all these offers… That is $50 savings… FREE MONEY…. BACK IN YOUR POCKET…

Basically it’s like getting your Prime Membership for HALF OFF !!


Now… I’m not going to sit and tell you what to buy because I’m sure your mind is already racing to see what kind of deals you can find… So I want to hear from YOU… Send me a snapshot of your favorite deal via Instagram and I will add it to my stories today and tomorrow. Let’s help each other out and share!!
Happy Shopping!!