Freezer meals are quite possibly my most favorite-est thing EVER!! If you are looking to take your savings to the next level and to save yourself a ton of time in the kitchen, this newsletter is for YOU!
Picture this… It’s a super busy weekday night and kids have to be picked up and dropped off at 3 different locations all at the same time that you would normally be preparing dinner. Because you have so little time, you hit a drive through to quickly feed the munchkins between piano practice and wrestling (yikes) because it is quick and easy. But, then you end up spending upwards of $25 to feed the brood and well.. fast food… bleh. And, there goes your food budget for the week too, right?!
Instead… It is still a busy night so that morning you open your freezer to get dinner prepped. You snag a ziploc bag of deliciousness and throw the contents of the bag in the crockpot and you go about your busy day. When it gets to be crazy time that evening, you can still feed your family a yummy home-cooked meal for a fraction of the cost of that fast food meal. WINNING!!
Freezer meals are a great way to save money and TIME! By having your meals prepped and ready to go ahead of time, you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.
A Freezer Meal GROUP is really where the fun begins! Grab a group of friends who are all sick of wasting time planning and preparing dinners for their families. Feel free to be a little picky with who gets to be part of your group… I’m just sayin’… You will be eating food your friends have prepared. Each person prepares one meal multiple times. Then, you meet to exchange your handiwork. Everyone goes home with several different meals to fill their freezer. YUM! It’s like trick-or-treating for moms!
Being able to buy ingredients in bulk will help you save a ton of money! Expect to spend several hours preparing your set of meals. That is the only down side. Your kitchen will be a hot mess for a day, your back and feet will ache, and you will probably hate the idea of doing this again next month. However… it will all be worth it when you meet up on swap day and are giddy with excitement at the idea that for the next several weeks you will never have to stand in the kitchen for more than 15 minutes popping your meal in and out of the oven,crockpot, or Insta-pot!

Here’s an example of how our group worked… Each participant chose their three favorite meals to prepare for the next 3 months. I chose a pork chop dish and prepared nine (9!) pork chop meals, one for each member of the group. I was super sick of looking at pork chops, but then came exchange day. All 9 of us met for 30 minutes to exchange meals. Each person left with a chicken pot pie dinner, a penne and cheese dinner and so many more! For a few hours of work, we each have nine completely different meals in the freezer to feed the family for almost two weeks if we really stretch it!

In the past each meal that fed 6-8 people only cost around $4.75! Having a Freezer Meal Group can save a considerable amount of money if you keep the main course under $5. You can definitely get a complete meal for under $10 for a large family!

There is so much more information on how this all works if you click on the link below and check out the listing on my site. You will get everything you need to get your group started…
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For real!! All of that! AND….
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I can’t wait to hear how many of you jump on the Freezer Meal Train!! It will seriously change your life!