"A rich life comes not from having a lot of money, but by getting the most out of the money you do have!" ~ Jen Morris

Favorite Things

 Just like brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of MY FAVORITE THINGS!! Are you singing in your head?!… You’re welcome!!

The apps and businesses listed on this page are ones I have used and have found to be super helpful! Full disclosure: Some of the apps and websites listed may give me a small referral fee just to have you click these links! I would really love to keep this site clean of intrusive ads so click away and feel free to share with your friends! 


Money Saving Apps – BEFORE to Shop

Use these apps to easily check grocery ads and see what items are on sale. Flipp is my personal fav, but maybe there is one you like better… Play around and see what best fits your needs.

Flipp – Digital copies of all your grocery ads!
Rakuten – Cash back for all online purchases!
Grocery Pal – A different way to organize your weekly list (not available everywhere)

Money Saving Apps – WHILE You Shop

Did you know you can earn points and money WHILE you are in the store? Pick one of these to play with when you are picking up your regular items. 

Shopkick – Earn points while shopping and scanning!
Target Cartwheel – Check for additional store savings while you shops
Swagbucks – Combo app – Use before AND after shopping to earn rewards!

Money Saving Apps – AFTER You Shop

Either when you get home, or get in the car, you can scan your receipts to earn some rebates! With store sales, coupons, AND rebates there is free money everywhere! 

Ibotta – Rebates earned just for scanning your receipt!
Checkout 51 – Rebates for scanning your receipts!
Swagbucks – Combo app – Use before AND after shopping to earn rewards!
Fetch – Scan your receipts…earn points… get gift cards! USE CODE: XHK1K and we both get a bonus 🙂
Earny – Purchase price insurance!

Store and Other Apps

Store apps can add additional savings!

Target Cartwheel – STACK store discounts WITH manufacturer’s coupons for extra savings!
Kohl’s – If you aren’t using Kohl’s Cash you are missing out!!
Retail Me Not – One stop shop for online coupon codes for just about everything you need!
Groupon – Discounts and coupons for just about everything!



Product Co-Op!


This one is a no brainer!! Sign up and this service will round up all your purchases and invest them for you!


I am pretty sure I know someone who sells just about every product out there. And they all are AWESOME!!


I get asked all the time about travel expenses. Since I pay my own way to travel around the country, I am always looking for the best deal. I am not completely loyal to any one program, but I absolutely will shop each of these place every time I make travel arrangements. You just never know! 


These are unique sites or businesses of my dearest friends! Check them out and show them some love… 

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