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Did you get my tips for Black Friday!? Well… just in case you decide to skip the store and stay home with the family, don’t worry! You can still snag some GREAT deals on… Cyber Monday!
Last year, I did all our shopping exclusively on Cyber Monday and was able to get all my shopping done in just a few short hours! It was GLORIOUS!
I will say that our family Christmas lists are usually pretty small. Even with 5 kiddos, we like to keep things low key when it comes to gifts. You know… try and remember the REAL reason we celebrate the holiday and mushy stuff like that. For the past 10+ years, we have been using this really cute and simple Christmas gift list (if you click on the picture you can download a copy you can use – you’re welcome).
Christmas List
With this list in hand for each of my kids, I hit Cyber Monday like a champ!! Cyber Monday is all about getting the most bang for your buck. So here are a few tips, websites, and apps to help you win the day!
Cyber Monday – Best Sites & Apps
EBATES – If you are going to shop online, you might as well earn money back while you are at it. Just by clicking on your favorite stores THROUGH you can earn cash back on all your purchases… even AMAZON! This site is a no-brainer for sure! All you need to do is register on the site, click on the store you were going to shop anyway, and BAM! Money back! Slick, right?
EARNY – This one is another no-brainer site/app. All you need to do is sign up, and then based on purchase receipts from your email, Earny will watch for any price drops on the items you purchased. Then you get a refund! If you are worried about not getting the best deal. Sign up for this app and then you don’t have to fret. You will get the money back when the items go for a cheaper price! Easy peasy!
RETAIL ME NOT – While you are shopping through Ebates, before you click to purchase, open up Retail Me Not online and see if you can add a coupon code to your purchase! There are LOADS of coupon codes in this app and all you have to do is click to copy the code and you’ve just scored another sweet deal! Seriously soooo many offers!
AMAZON – Amazon will have LOADS of options for Cyber Monday. But here’s the thing. You MUST have Amazon Prime to get a really good value from this thing. When you are searching products, you can filter them by ones that offer Prime shipping which will save you a bunch. However… here’s the thing. Just because something is offering you Prime Shipping, that company may still be based in China and it will take you closer to 8-10 WEEKS to receive your items instead of the typical 2-day Prime shipping. Just speaking from experience here. When you look at your cart right before you checkout, Amazon will sort out how everything by when it will be shipped. Just do yourself a favor and double check that your Cyber Monday items will actually get to you before New Years. 🙂
SWAGBUCKS – This is a fun site. You can add an extension on your web browser and it will automatically find coupon codes for you for the items you are searching for. You can also earn more SB by taking surveys and such. Just be careful not to get sucked in too far in those. You can waste a LOT of time online doing those. BUT… if you are shopping online anyway, then you might as well double dip and earn extra rewards, right?!
Here are some obscure sites where you can find fun little oddities for that one really tough customer on your list…
Pick Your Plum – This site is supported by many small businesses, which I LOVE. There are tons of really fun items at low prices and a LOT of stuff that you can have personalized!
Zulily – Again… super fun site with loads of unique options. If you are looking for that one thing that you can’t find at a brick and mortar type store, check this site out.
Live Life on Less – Favorite Things – Or maybe you are looking at some direct sales or other small business type deals. I have a bunch of friends who have their own small businesses which I have linked on my site at the bottom of my Favorite Things! Have fun and tell those crazy friends of mine I said hello!
Ok – That’s about it.
What are your best Cyber Monday deals? Is this your first year trying it? I want to know what deals you snagged!! Join my Facebook group to share your awesome finds!
Happy Holidays!!