"A rich life comes not from having a lot of money, but by getting the most out of the money you do have!" ~ Jen Morris

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One of the biggest secrets to saving money on groceries has NOTHING to do with grocery shopping!

Are you ready for the BIGGEST secret to saving money at the grocery store?? And guess what… it has NOTHING to do with SHOPPING!!! Meal Planning 101 Today I am going to share some amazing tips on how to save money on your groceries and this time… no coupons involved!! We are going to focus …


Beautiful YOU Challenge!

I don’t know about you, but I am TERRIBLE at self care! I get the concept. It’s like the butter tub mask scenario on the airplane: Secure your mask so you can then assist others. Take care of YOU so you can take care of your family. I get it. I do… But I am …


NEW & IMPROVED Price Point Shopping List

PRICE POINT SHOPPING LIST!New & Improved If you have been to one of my classes, you would have received a copy of the Free Price is Right tool. This magic list helps you to know when it is that ideal time to stock up on sales (and of course use your coupons) to get the …

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