FREEZER MEALS – What they are and how to start a meal swapping group of your own!

Freezer meals are quite possibly my most favorite-est thing EVER!! If you are looking to take your savings to the next level and to save yourself a ton of time in the kitchen, this newsletter is for YOU!
Picture this… It’s a super busy weekday night and kids have to be picked up and dropped off at 3 different locations all at the same time that you would normally be preparing dinner. Because you have so little time, you hit a drive through to quickly feed the munchkins between piano practice and wrestling (yikes) because it is quick and easy. But, then you end up spending upwards of $25 to feed the brood and well.. fast food… bleh. And, there goes your food budget for the week too, right?!
Instead… It is still a busy night so that morning you open your freezer to get dinner prepped. You snag a ziploc bag of deliciousness and throw the contents of the bag in the crockpot and you go about your busy day. When it gets to be crazy time that evening, you can still feed your family a yummy home-cooked meal for a fraction of the cost of that fast food meal. WINNING!!
Freezer meals are a great way to save money and TIME! By having your meals prepped and ready to go ahead of time, you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.
A Freezer Meal GROUP is really where the fun begins! Grab a group of friends who are all sick of wasting time planning and preparing dinners for their families. Feel free to be a little picky with who gets to be part of your group… I’m just sayin’… You will be eating food your friends have prepared. Each person prepares one meal multiple times. Then, you meet to exchange your handiwork. Everyone goes home with several different meals to fill their freezer. YUM! It’s like trick-or-treating for moms!
Being able to buy ingredients in bulk will help you save a ton of money! Expect to spend several hours preparing your set of meals. That is the only down side. Your kitchen will be a hot mess for a day, your back and feet will ache, and you will probably hate the idea of doing this again next month. However… it will all be worth it when you meet up on swap day and are giddy with excitement at the idea that for the next several weeks you will never have to stand in the kitchen for more than 15 minutes popping your meal in and out of the oven,crockpot, or Insta-pot!

Here’s an example of how our group worked… Each participant chose their three favorite meals to prepare for the next 3 months. I chose a pork chop dish and prepared nine (9!) pork chop meals, one for each member of the group. I was super sick of looking at pork chops, but then came exchange day. All 9 of us met for 30 minutes to exchange meals. Each person left with a chicken pot pie dinner, a penne and cheese dinner and so many more! For a few hours of work, we each have nine completely different meals in the freezer to feed the family for almost two weeks if we really stretch it!

In the past each meal that fed 6-8 people only cost around $4.75! Having a Freezer Meal Group can save a considerable amount of money if you keep the main course under $5. You can definitely get a complete meal for under $10 for a large family!

There is so much more information on how this all works if you click on the link below and check out the listing on my site. You will get everything you need to get your group started…
  • Freezer Meal Group Information Sheet
  • Freezer Meal Group Workbook
  • 57 Tried and True, Morris Family Approved Recipes
For real!! All of that! AND….
Until November 12th this listing is only $5!!! Snag it QUICK!!
I can’t wait to hear how many of you jump on the Freezer Meal Train!! It will seriously change your life!




What do Expired Coupons & the MILITARY have in common??

I think I need to start an series called “Did You Know?” For example…. Did you know that you can send your expired coupon inserts to companies that will send them to military bases overseas. Our brave men and women serving outside the US can use those expired coupons for up to 6 months AFTER they expire at the commissary! How cool is that!! This does only apply to overseas bases. So once you are done with your inserts, DON’T throw them away!! 

Here are a few links to services I found who are ready and willing to process your inserts for our troops! Take a few minutes and CLICK on the links below to find a service that works best for you. 



Coupon Cabin

That should keep y’all busy for a bit! 

THANK YOU to all our military families for your service and sacrifice for our country! Here’s hoping we can help ease your burden a little with a few more coupon donations. Love you all!! 


Homemade Laundry Detergent… and BONUS… Dish Detergent!!

Are you ready for one of my BIGGEST money saving tips of the YEAR!?!? I make my own laundry detergent! If you can imagine what doing laundry looks like for 7 people then you might be able to grasp the cost that goes into that chore as well. I mean… some of you may be able to afford a small vacation kind of money!! Not to mention that dishes and laundry are my LEAST favorite chores which makes it doubly painful to pay big bucks for tasks I hate doing!

Here is how I make the load just a little lighter on my wallet (see what I did there… “load”? Haha). Several years ago I started making my own laundry detergent. I DO still snag some “real” detergent if it is a screaming good deal, but I always go back to my fav homemade detergent.




  • 1 Box Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (Approx. 4lb box)
    • This is your detergent booster and overall smell-getter-outer
  • 1 Box Arm & Hammer Baking Soda – I love this in there because I always add vinegar as a fabric softener to the wash and, well …. science!!
  • 1 Box of 20 Mule Team Borax (76 oz box)
    • Don’t freak out… as long as you don’t ingest this stuff it won’t hurt you. It will fight those tough stains in your laundry! It also helps your detergent by removing the minerals and softening your water. If you have any left over, you can also make some slime!
  • Oxi Clean (2 of the 1.3 lb containers – watch for coupons**)
    • You’ve seen the infomercials… “It get’s the stains out!”
  • 4 bars of the Fels Naptha laundry soap.
    • This is where you get the kids involved. You need to grate these all up. I use my food processor and then clean it really good after. But any sort of grater would be fine.
    • I usually put 3 in the detergent and make sure I have one set aside as a stain treatment. Just get your fabric wet and then scrub the stain with the bar and then wash. MAGIC!
  • 1-2 containers of either Downy Unstoppables or the Purex Crystals fabric softeners – basically, whoever has a coupon available when I am preparing my mix will determine which one I will use**.

**You can also get the 3 lb tub, but many times you can get coupons will cover the smaller size. Pro Couponing Tip: Use coupons on the smallest size allowed and use several coupons. You will save more in the long run! Same thing with the Unstoppables or Crystals. Look for a coupon and then get several small containers and use several coupons.

I got a little excited and started mixing, but I wanted to show you what the bars should look like when you are done grating them. Very small chunks or balls are what you are going for.

The hardest part of this whole thing is grating up the Fels Naptha bars! Then you just dump all the ingredients into a 5 gallon bucket, garbage bag, or you can alternate pouring and stirring as you add ingredients to a really pretty jar. I found this big gallon jar at Walmart for around $11. It just looks so nice sitting in my laundry area. It ALMOST makes me want to actually DO the laundry!

Here’s the BEST PART!! You will fill up that gallon jar and only use 2 TABLESPOONS of this detergent for each load! That’s it! For real! It is going to last a REALLY long time!

Isn’t it so pretty! {sigh} I wish you could smell it!

This works for HE machines, top loaders, front loaders, you name it! I love to add vinegar to the wash as well just to make sure all the musty mildewey stuff is out of the clothes. If you have ever accidentally forgotten about a load that was left in the wash… VINEGAR is your best friend for getting that stank out of there. My many years in Vegas and my less than stellar laundry skills can testify of this. Vinegar. Every time.

What about the dryer??

I know you are wondering what goes on there. I have tried dryer balls & tennis balls to save money and to help aerate the clothes while they are in the dryer. I really don’t see a big difference and hubby really likes the smell of dryer sheets. So to save a few bucks… and a few disagreements on the laundry… I buy dryer sheets. BUT I cut/rip them in half and only use half per load. Sneaky and cheap. I have seen some DIY dryer sheets in Pinterest but I’ve never tried them. Have you?? Let me know. Maybe that will be my next experiment.


As an added bonus and because you will now have most of the ingredients already out to make your laundry soap, with just a few more ingredients you can also make… dun dun dun… Dishwasher Detergent!

I used to use 2 cups of borax instead of the 2 cups of baking soda. I’m not so much concerned about whether or not there is Borax residue on my dishes, I just wasn’t completely IN LOVE with that mix. So I am trying this one out instead, and since I already have all the ingredients out… why not??

Feel free to double up this recipe if you end up loving it! It will last quite a while because you will only use ONE TABLESPOON per load!! And if you want a tip on another super cheap but effective rinse agent for your machine… VINEGAR!! Haha. It’s seriously the best thing ever!

Well… that’s about it. I want to say THANK YOU to Heather in St. Louis who asked me about my laundry tips while I was there teaching my class! YOUR questions are what help me to know what kind of content to put on this site and in my newsletters. So, please, please, please… ask away!

Have an amazing day!! I am going to take some left over Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide, and soak my feet! 🙂 Time to treat myself for a change… get it… “change”… as in… this won’t cost me anything because I have the ingredients out already?? (apparently I need a good night’s sleep as well) 😉

IMG_2427 (2) Signature

P.S. I have added links to Walmart in this post so you can see the products that I used. I will say that most of the prices are WAY better in store than they are showing online so be careful. I’m not cool enough to get any sort of kick back from Walmart for these links :). I just want you to have all the info.

Amazon Prime DAY!


Some say this day is BIGGER than Black Friday!! It’s Amazon PRIME Day!! Deals start at 3pm Eastern time TODAY, July 16th! There is still time this morning to start filling your cart with goodies. Think of this as Christmas in July! If you can find some great deals on items you were already thinking about for the holidays, why not scoop up the deals NOW and save them for LATER!

I thought I would highlight a few of the best deals I could find. Full disclosure, if you click on these pictures or links, I may get a little kickback. HOWEVER, I will not share anything I would not be willing to purchase myself. That just doesn’t seem fair.

The biggest savings I can find so far are on electronics…. We are not a big electronic family. Not that it wouldn’t make my hubby super happy to have a 50 Inch 4K Smart TV, but we just don’t have wall space in our 1920’s house for something like that.

Get rid of a monthly cable bill?? Yes please!! Try the Amazon Fire Stick!

For the kids… I might actually scoop up a few of these so we can all stop fighting over devices over here… Amazon Fire 7 for kids is only $69! That’s a $30 savings today!! They also have the Fire HD 8 on sale for $89, but really… are my kids going to notice the HD difference?? Nope! But I will sure notice the extra $20 missing from my wallet!!

Here’s something NEW! Save $10 off of a $40 purchase with Amazon Prime Pantry! I don’t think this is available in ALL areas across the country, but you might be the lucky ones! Imagine doing your grocery shopping online and having it all delivered to your door!?! Even just for days when my kids are sick or I don’t feel like going anywhere this might be worth it. NOT sure how coupons would work with this though… has anyone tried??

Now this I have to say makes me a little upset…

I have been an Audible subscriber for a LONG time because the only way I can “read” a book is if I am listening to it while I fold laundry, do dishes, make dinner, make bread, write blog posts, or while in the shower. Yes, I “read” in the shower! But because I am an “old” member I cannot get this SCREAMING GOOD DEAL!! Curses!!!

Not sure why this one caught my eye…. anyone??? Amazon + Coupons! It’s like my very own heaven on earth!

Or this one?? Looks like another BIG coupon for grocery items. Again, check your area.

Seriously, you just need to hop online and check out all the amazing deals on this blessed holiday!! AMAZON PRIME DEALS!

Don’t have Amazon Prime yet?? No worries! You can start a FREE 30-day trial TODAY and still save a ton!

HINT: Set a reminder on your phone to cancel if it is not something you think you will continue to use. 


Happy National Donut Day!

Here’s a few more shops that you might have in your area…




Here are some of the sources I used to find these deals…. Just so you don’t think I came up with this out of thin air 🙂 | Business Insider | Google | Search #NationalDonutDay on Social Media for local results