Happy Amazon Prime Day(s)!

Happy Amazon Prime Day! I have a ton of great tips to share on how to get the most out of your day and to help you put some money BACK in your wallet!! PLUS... I will show you how to get your Prime membership up to HALF OFF!!


50 Star Wars Day Party Ideas! May the Fourth be with you!

Calling all Star Wars fans!! I have assembled over 50 hilarious and punny Star Wars themed food ideas AND I am giving you a FREE printable to help your table look amazing!! Add a little flare to your day and May the Fourth be with YOU!


Tax Day Freebies – 2019

Does tax day have you feeling a little down? Here are several businesses who are offering FREEBIES today!!


Happy Birthday… Freebies!!

We talked last week about some fun tips to throwing a great party without breaking the bank. This week, I want to talk about the fun ways you can treat YOURSELF for your birthday!! This year for my birthday, one of my friends came and took me out to lunch. I am always checking my… Continue reading Happy Birthday… Freebies!!


Happy Birthday to… EVERYONE!

As my birthday month (yes... month) comes to a close, I am feeling a little, well, OLD! Haha! And because I'm feeling old, I am also feeling generous. So I have a little treat for you at the end of this post... Today I am going to share some fun tips on how to live… Continue reading Happy Birthday to… EVERYONE!