Some say this day is BIGGER than Black Friday!! It’s Amazon PRIME Day!! Deals start at 3pm Eastern time TODAY, July 16th! There is still time this morning to start filling your cart with goodies. Think of this as Christmas in July! If you can find some great deals on items you were already thinking about for the holidays, why not scoop up the deals NOW and save them for LATER!

I thought I would highlight a few of the best deals I could find. Full disclosure, if you click on these pictures or links, I may get a little kickback. HOWEVER, I will not share anything I would not be willing to purchase myself. That just doesn’t seem fair.

The biggest savings I can find so far are on electronics…. We are not a big electronic family. Not that it wouldn’t make my hubby super happy to have a 50 Inch 4K Smart TV, but we just don’t have wall space in our 1920’s house for something like that.

Get rid of a monthly cable bill?? Yes please!! Try the Amazon Fire Stick!

For the kids… I might actually scoop up a few of these so we can all stop fighting over devices over here… Amazon Fire 7 for kids is only $69! That’s a $30 savings today!! They also have the Fire HD 8 on sale for $89, but really… are my kids going to notice the HD difference?? Nope! But I will sure notice the extra $20 missing from my wallet!!

Here’s something NEW! Save $10 off of a $40 purchase with Amazon Prime Pantry! I don’t think this is available in ALL areas across the country, but you might be the lucky ones! Imagine doing your grocery shopping online and having it all delivered to your door!?! Even just for days when my kids are sick or I don’t feel like going anywhere this might be worth it. NOT sure how coupons would work with this though… has anyone tried??

Now this I have to say makes me a little upset…

I have been an Audible subscriber for a LONG time because the only way I can “read” a book is if I am listening to it while I fold laundry, do dishes, make dinner, make bread, write blog posts, or while in the shower. Yes, I “read” in the shower! But because I am an “old” member I cannot get this SCREAMING GOOD DEAL!! Curses!!!

Not sure why this one caught my eye…. anyone??? Amazon + Coupons! It’s like my very own heaven on earth!

Or this one?? Looks like another BIG coupon for grocery items. Again, check your area.

Seriously, you just need to hop online and check out all the amazing deals on this blessed holiday!! AMAZON PRIME DEALS!

Don’t have Amazon Prime yet?? No worries! You can start a FREE 30-day trial TODAY and still save a ton!

HINT: Set a reminder on your phone to cancel if it is not something you think you will continue to use.