"A rich life comes not from having a lot of money, but by getting the most out of the money you do have!" ~ Jen Morris


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Hi there!!

My name is Jen Morris. I am a wife to Joe, mother to 5 children, Jillian, Jakob, Jarrett, Jocelynn, and Jaxson, and I LOVE saving money! My coupon journey began at the end of 2007. We were desperate to figure out how to save money. At the time, we spent right around $1100 a month for a family of 5 1/2 on all our household and grocery items. I thought that was good!! After learning a few key money-saving tricks I was able to cut our grocery budget down to around $450 a month! Awesome, right?! That has been our budget for the last 10+ years even with a growing family. The system I use is so incredibly simple that I decided very early on in my couponing process that I needed to teach others what I had learned as well. Coupons changed my life and I just HAD to tell people about it! After I mastered couponing, I quickly discovered there were so many more ways to save money for our family. Saving money on groceries and teaching others to do the same is where it all began. Aside from motherhood, this has been the most rewarding job I have ever had!

Now, my life is better because of coupons, but my life doesn’t revolve around coupons. I am very active in my church, I love to be involved in my kids’ school, I bake – a lot, and enjoy crafting, DIY, and digital scrapbooking. Once upon a time, I was an assistant, an accountant, an office manager, a customer service agent, and did some American Sign Language on the side. If you do a little Google digging, you may see my name in conjunction with the Saints Unified Voices choir directed by the legendary Gladys Knight. I sang and toured with this group for about 9 years and may have scooped up a Grammy along the way. If you drive close enough to my car, you may catch me singing along to the radio (rather loudly), but that’s about all the performing I do these days.
I like to joke that my bucket list has some pretty awesome boxes checked. Not only did I get to sing with this awesome choir, but I was also on TLC’s Extreme Couponing All-Stars with my friend Jennifer Freeman. We had a blast!! Our family had an opportunity to be extras in a documentary that was filmed in our town too. Movies – check. TV – check. Music – check. Now, I just need to get on a talk show & a game show and my life will be complete :). 
Is there somewhere in your life you would love to learn how to save that doesn’t involve grocery shopping?? Ask me!! I’m sure I have a tip or two to share!! 

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